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Experiencing new tram lines


"Optics Valley Quantum" tramcars of T1 line Photo by Gao Yong

  The T1 and T2 Optics Valley tram lines were completed last month and are finishing their trial period. Members of the public were invited to ride the T1 line yesterday to solicit their feedback. The T1 line will start at Luoxiong Road Station near the Optics Valley Pedestrian Street and end at the Optics Valley Chip Center Station; there will be 23 stations along the T1 line. The T2 line will start at the Wuhan-Xianning Intercity Railway Station near Tangxun Lake and end at the Future City parking lot on Jiufeng Road (No. 1); this line will include 25 stations. These two lines will run along the Third Ring Road for 2.5 kilometers and share three stations.